Slow Nomaden – Vasudeva

Slow Nomaden – Vasudeva

Tobias Kroschel

November 9th, 2018


Another Slow Nomaden release just entered the Beatport Electronica/Downtempo Top 100.

On his latest two track release Slow Nomaden takes you on another deep musical journey. Inspired by the famous novel Siddhartha both tracks are characterized by a fusion of organic Indian percussions and instruments with 4/4 beats, atmospheric pads and arpeggios.
The title track Vasudeva creates a deep meditative soundscape through the use of phasing pads, delays, flutes and voices. On the other hand Kamaswami sounds much more energetic and restless. Slow Nomaden manages to build a fine tension between the electronic and organic elements that play with the contrast of modern life and inner peace.

Early Support by: Armen Miran, DJ Ravin (Buddha-Bar), Pedro Mercado (Ibiza Global Radio), Falscher Hase, Judge Jules, Dole & Kom (Mixmag Germany), Makossa & Megablast (radio FM4), Franco Bianco, Igor Marijuan (IBIZA SONICA RADIO), The Disco Boys, Afterlife – artist page (Café del Mar), KISS FM UKRAINE, KISS FM, Landikhan/LNDKHN, Karlos Sense, DJ Hildegard (sunshine live),, ALTROVERSO, Deep Stories, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna and many more

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