Slow Nomaden – Elephant Dream

Slow Nomaden – Elephant Dream

Tobias Kroschel

August 19th, 2018


My next Slow Nomaden release called „Elephant Dream“ is out now.

After the great response on his first two EP’s Jungle and Gondwana, Slow Nomaden takes you on a musical journey into the vast east-central African grasslands. Expect organic percussions, Maasai chants and deep electronic 4/4 beats on this one.The title track touches the listener through its dreamlike atmospheres. Drones and melodic arpeggios melt with tribal percussions all carried by the trance-like Maasai chants.Serengeti takes you on a trip into the wild vastness of the savannah plains. Organic percussion sounds and Maasai Vocals meet deep electronic beats and warm synth pads.

Early support by these great DJ’s:
Richie Hawtin, Anderson Noise, Vanilla ACE, Gene Farris, DJ Hildegard, Dole & Kom, Charl Chaka, Beatamines, Paco Osuna, Franco Bianco, DJ Electric, ENNE, Chris Kionke, Andree Wischnewski, Michael Nowak and more
And radio stations:
ALTROVERSO, KISS FM, DifferentGrooves, FluxFM, [ MIX FEED ], and more

Stream/Download here

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