Slow Nomaden – Gondwana

Slow Nomaden – Gondwana

Tobias Kroschel

Mai 18th, 2018


Here is the latest release for my side project Slow Nomaden called „Gondwana“.

Imagine there would be a supercontinent like Gondwana in the 21st century, including South America, Africa, Arabian Peninsula, India and Australia. Close your eyes and with a bit of phantasy, Slow Nomaden takes you on a fictive and slightly surreal musical journey through this continent.
On Gondwana Slow Nomaden combines organic sounds of the Southern Hemisphere with deep electronic beats and atmospheric synth pads.
The title track enchants the listener through its mesmerizing and psychedelic soundscape. Birds from the rainforest and flute samples melt with deep synthesizer pads, all grounded by a warm bass line and a 4/4 kick drum.
Ancient Rhythms is a powerful but deep dance track, fueled by a percussive groove combined with electronic sounds and hypnotic flute melodies, that sounds like a serpent charmer on acid.


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