Sound Nomaden – The Little Things In Life

Sound Nomaden – The Little Things In Life

Tobias Kroschel

Januar 15th, 2018


I’m starting 2018 with a deep and dreamy three track release to keep you warm, even in the colder days of the year.
All three tracks combine atmospheric pads and catchy organic melodies with 4/4 House beats and deep basslines.

The title track „The Little Things In Life“ starts with the recorded sound of a wind-up toy providing the beat loop for a dreamy soundscape, where spheric harp sounds and mellotron samples melt into the analog warmth of a vintage synth arpeggiator and bassline.

On „Daybreak“ Sound Nomaden manages to create a smooth tension between a mellow harp arpeggio, a gentle violin melody and a phasing pad sound, grounded by a deep pumping bassline. It is the sound of an awakening city when the sun rises slowly over the rooftops to breathe life into the deserted streets.

Last but not least „Dancing Trees“ combines pulsating synth sounds with a dark bassline and a driving Tuba riff to let us feel a slightly turbulent vibe of an approaching autumn storm.


I answered some questions regarding the release to the german online music magazine trndmusik

Interview + Track Premiere

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